Praise for “2648 West Grand Boulevard” in The New York City Jazz Record

The New York City Jazz Record, Review by Terrell Holmes

New York City Jazz Record

“The reference to a bygone era underscores her strong emotional connection to those spinning wax circles and the songs therein. Daly seems to know that her listeners know the songs as well as she does and will be replaying them in their heads. The key is to maintain the Berry Gordy creed without being slavishly tethered to them. And she succeeds big time.” Terrell Holmes, The New York City Jazz Record, March’s, “Women in Jazz” issue.

The New York City Jazz Record has been nominated as “Best Jazz Periodical” by the Jazz Journalists Association Awards.

“Taking on an institution like Motown, like the works of Miles or Monk, is a formidable task. Familiarity and reverence can be a blessing or a burden. Daly steps up to that tightrope and boogaloos across it. She puts interesting twists on timeless music but doesn’t overdo it, leaving the tunes both familiar and fresh.”

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